the Sparkle + Soar Society
the Sparkle + Soar Society

Hello there life adventurer!

Want more WELLNESS + JOY in your life? Join this soulful society to spark your superpowers + SOAR!

What is the Sparkle + Soar Society?

This is a soulful community space where hero's journey begins:Β 

JOY-n us to claim your inner superhero and infuse more wellness, joy, and magic into your life!

Astrid Mueller, a CANcer thriver and author of "Permission to Sparkle," who applied her sparkle principles to enhance her superpowers through CANcer, is inviting you to:

πŸ’ͺ Claim Your Courage: Free your superhero courage in the adventure book club, transformational retreats, or other events, and make your life more MARVEL-like!

🌟 Experience more Sparkle: Bring more joy and happiness into your life - even during intense life challenges (especially then!) (side note: joy has healing powers!)

πŸ’Ž Find Inner Gems: Uncover what makes you unique and awesome. Your passions, dreams, and potential are precious gems waiting to be discovered!

πŸš€ Empowering Adventurer Community: Immerse and support yourself in a community of other life adventurers who claim their superpowers, and get inspired to make your own life more sparkling, and soar! 🌈

🌈 Join Celebrations: Participate in monthly celebration events + prize draws to commemorate your victories and relish the joy of living boldly with resilience and a sparkling spirit!

Ready to SPARKLE + SOAR? Join us! Let the adventure begin! πŸš€βœ¨